Product Of The Day-Isolation/Mic Booths

Whether in a home or professional studio this isolation booth is a must have especially, if your mic faces a vocal booth glass.

using one of these vocal booths (also known as an acoustic enclosure) pretty much eliminates the problem, giving you dry and clear vocal recordings – exactly what you’re after in the studio. It’s a superb solution to the problem of recording in a poorly designed room and can really transform your vocal recordings.

Assembled in Ghana, its a 20.5/35 inches vocal mic booth thrice the size of regular ones ,has thicker foams for accurate absorption than the regular ones on the market.
u can choose a color of your choice or have your name customized.




Call / Whatsapp Nero Steger for you order 0244047114..

20% off the price for the first 20 orders.

Promotion Starts From 1st December to 31st 2017

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