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Are You A Manager Or Errands Boy?

It’s rare for an artist to also have a head for business, which is why most musicians(whether they perform solo or work in a band) retain a manager. In essence, managers are in charge of running all aspects of the business side of the artist’s or the band’s career. This allows the talent to focus entirely on creating the music. The role of a manager varies. A manager responsible for an unsigned band or musician, or, if they are signed to a small label (such as 4AD, Matador Records or XL) often wears multiple hats.

This kind of manager serves as a ​promoter, agent, accountant, or any other kind of professional the artist needs to perform and have a viable career. A manager working for an artist signed to a large label (such as Warner Music Group, EMI or Sony Music) functions in more of a managerial capacity and supervisors the other people employed by the musician(s). These managers have oversight and ensure that essentials such as advertising and PR campaigns are running smoothly, that tours are being booked and that artists are being paid.

It is very important to know your roles and play them very well. If you do not pay attention  to what really is your role as a manager you could frustrate the band or the artiste. In fact you could be the reason your artiste is still an underground artiste. You just do not know what is expected of you. You are the head of business in some instances therefore, it is important know and understand what pertains in the industry. You need to do all the paper work , you need to arrange for the interviews, you need to sometimes instruct the interviewer  to ask certain questions to give you or your artiste the opportunity throw light on some pertinent issues out there, sometimes to state a position on a matter and so on and so forth.

When you reduce your work to paying payola , sharing Cds , become a pimp for your artiste and wear even bigger trousers than even your artiste, clearly you do not know what you are doing around the artiste. It is a very serious business therefore, you either take it serious or focus on running errands for the team and allow people with requisite skills set to run the show. Your role is bigger than knowing DJs , how much do you know about laws governing copy right in your country? Do you even have a contract with the artiste or band?

Check your self into a school and learn the business if artiste manager is what you wish to become. It is not a given that you should manage him because you knew him when he was nobody.

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