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Loving our Indians more than ourselves – Enoch Agyepong

Loving our Indians more than ourselves.
The good book says love your neighbour as thyself and NOT more than yourself BUT the Ghanaian for some funny reason has found a way to Love its neighbours more than itself as majority reads the good book and you wonder if we understand what we read.
Just like an Ashawo woman who cant say NO to any man’s offer is used and abused by irresponsible and useless men so have we as a nation been used and abused and I strongly believe it’s Best TIME we put a STOP to it.
My Grandpa is a farmer and was sent to Russia by the government to be trained and till date he complains bitterly about not given the opportunity to impact the knowledge he acquired into his people on a large scale. He is very old now and I will be visiting him this Christmas as usual and he will lament about this situation again like he has always done.
My point is it is very useless to bring in anybody when we have refused to put in place the necessary structures and make the land fertile for any seed to be planted on.
We are humans and very much inclined to sin so without the Laws in place NO sector can develop.
Instead of simply passing the Laws we have rather decided to put in place a haphazard Creative Arts Council or is it a Secretariat and in our confusion we are now leaping from 1 to 4 but trust me without doing due diligence we will arrive at nowhere like courage the cowardly dog.
It’s pathetic how every Government takes the Arts for granted and you can only ask yourself are we a serious race?
Fact is if you mess with your Arts you mess with your culture so why are we doing this to ourselves.
We use to have a very vibrant film industry and the only thing that industry needed was LAWS to govern it. A simple line that says we should show a certain percentage of local content would have Boomed the industry but what did our Leaders do, they sold our only Ghana Films Nkrumah left behind to foreigners and were expecting them to show local content when there were NO Laws.
When our film makers became automatic content providers there were no Laws backing them so these foreigners who love their neighbours less than themselves bargained and offered to pay us 200ghc per movie. As time went by they decided to do butter trade by showing our contents and advertising the next movie premier in exchange.
As we kept loosing our bargaining power simply because of NO Laws we started giving them the contents for free just to stay relevant.
Now reading In between the lines they realized how vulnerable we had become and therefore started bringing old and very cheap Mexican telenovelas like Acapulco bay and the rest and gradually and consciously they began to infest our beautiful culture with their adulterous culture. The repercussions I won’t talk about today since it’s not the subject for discussion.
Now because there was no market for our own producers and content providers they had to eventually fold up and turn to other businesses leaving the film industry to rot further.
Along the line the Nigerians also took over our industry and like the harlots we are they messed with our behinds mercilessly and it took  individuals like Agya Koo to save it but what did we do to him, the Ghanaian who loves his neighbours more than himself threw the Agya Koo’s, Lil Wayne’s, kweku Manu’s and the rest away and went in for the Indians this time around with their kumkums.
To cut the chase let me fast forward to the happenings in this year.
The pathetic film industry have been rendered useless and the only option the Kumahood stake holders had was to demonstrate to their King in the Ashanti Region about the influx of these Indian telenovelas and till date they have not received any response but we have rather had our second lady going to India to take pictures with their kumkums and not just that but have had someone bring these kumkum stars we have created to take 600ghc from us and take pictures with them.
Now we are being told by the Ghana Ambassador to India Hon Mike Oquaye aka Papa Ajasco Jnr that they are going to bring the Kumkum directors to come and shoot their movies here and that it will be to our benefit lol for your information no other country loves his neighbours more than itself except for Ghanaians and I believe this self inflicted blindness must end.
We can decide to go bring the Rambo’s, Commando’s and all the Hollywood Directors into our country and it will yield no fruits if we don’t pass the Laws to protect us and put the right structure in place.
Once again only individuals will benefit at the expense of the whole industry if this Ashawo business is not brought to an end.
The VhimCrew will continue to play íts role and hope that the brains of reasoning will think.
For those who can relate :
I grew up watching Shakhar n Antony at Dunia cinema inside Nima but never missed Osofo Dadzie and Obra on National TV.
Just Pass the LAWS

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