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The reasons why people don’t like your songs – Part Two

I don’t know when to start a song when the musicians give me the intro or if I have a stop in the song and they keep playing I don’t always know when to come in.

I don’t play an instrument but I’m sure many vocalists don’t either.

Understand that  your voice is an instrument!

So what you need to be thinking is that to become better at timing, you will need to improve as a musician.

It’s wonderful that you’ve identified this as a problem and something you’d like to improve at.

Half the battle is knowing that you’re doing something wrong.

Getting better at your timing is just another skill to focus on and develop.

So for starters, it’s a great idea to write down and record how good you are at this at the moment.

Document it so you can go to work improving, and then look back and see how well your practice is helping.

So some tips for working on your timing…

Your ears are your friend! You must use them to listen very carefully. Listening is a crucial skill in music, and the more you understand what you’re hearing, the better you’ll do.

So when you have a piece of music to learn, your first job is to listen very carefully, and understand it.

There’s no use just taking a stab in the dark and hoping you come into the song perfectly in time. You must understand it at a deep level. Only then will you find it easy to get your timing right.

Another great exercise you can do is record yourself practicing or performing.

When you do this you’ll get invaluable feedback. You’ll be able to hear where you go right, and where you go wrong.

It’s very different to be performing and trying to get it right… versus listening back to a recording.

Many times when you listen to the recording, you’ll be like, “I can hear exactly what I did wrong and how I can fix it”.

If you still can’t hear where you went wrong, then go back to step 1. Listen carefully to the song until you understand it deeply.

I hope these tips help you with singing perfectly in time with the music!

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