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“Army please give us Mugabe so we finish him off ourselves!”-The People Cry

On November 17, 2017 Mugabe was seen in his motorcade performing his duties as the president of Zimbabwe despite the military take over last week. Before he was seen out for the first time, pictures of him with his captors, the military having friendly discussions though he is under house arrest. “This is the most democratic coup ever” is how Danny Peddle a musician in neighbouring Zambia describes the situation.

This seemingly nice treatment the military is giving Him has angered majority of the Zimbabwean people because, for them this is an opportunity for them to end it all.

When they heard of the house arrest, they jumped for joy but the military’s decision to dialogue with him other than violence to finish Mugabe off very well this time is what has angered the people so much so that, they matched to the house of the president demanding that the military hand him over to the civilians to finish him off themselves.

This is how a Zimbabwean citizen puts it “Citizens marching to the presidents a show on no confidence”

The above writing on the placard is translated into English as “Army please give us Mugabe so we finish him off ourselves!”

This style or fashion of take over has not been seen in Africa, therefore a lot of people do not know how to describe what is happening. May God save Zimbabwe may God save Africa.

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