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Osibisa Band, Robert Mugabe And Ghana Music Today

Robert Mugabe is no where to be found, Shatta Vrs Wizkid is still on but with Sark and Samini stating their positions, piracy, proper records keeping and accountability still remains major challenges.

I am sure you are wondering where I am going with this, well I chanced on a write up on Osibisa band on wikipedia and was interesting to note that they have something to do with Robert Mugabe : they performed at the independence celebrations on Zimbabwe when Mugabe was Mugabe, they can relate to the Ghana Vrs Nigeria or Ghana Nigeria collaborations : the Osibisa band was made up of not just Ghanians but Nigerians and other nationals, they also had their fair share of piracy issues contrary to what many have made us believe that it is the introduction of internet; pen drive and download sites that are to be blamed for piracy.

However, the issue about record keeping for fact verification is not directly related to osibisa but it was said that Hammer of The Last Two had said that his debut production, Obrafour’s Pae Mu Ka album is highest selling hip-life album to date in the same write up. Though many would want to contest this assertion, where would one find relevant data on the subject to put his assertion to strict proof. To further make your attempt to challenge his assertion more difficult, is how we classify songs into genres in Ghana.

These days it is difficult to hear a song on radio and tell which genre until the artiste himself tells you what he calls it: Afro Pop, Hip-life, High-life, Afro-Fusion, Twi-Pop, Pata-House Jama, Azonto and what have you. I challenge you to turn on your radio and see if you can tell the genres as the Dj plays he selections. In fact the Dj himself says he is a dance hall Dj but by the end of his selection you will hear “Ayoo” by Shatta Wale. Nothing is standardised everybody is just doing anything anyhow.


Lastly, is it true that “osibisaba” is the Fante word for high-life? If that is correct can anybody help me with Fante name for Hip-life? Please not say Kasarari because then you would not have a name for Rap.

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