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What makes a “star”? And what makes an artist? Shatta Vrs Wizkid

As the insults , name calling and trolling was going on, i decided to find what makes an artiste a star or a supper star. I could not find any direct response because opinions are subjective.

This is how  Ludwig von Mises  puts it “The valuations which result in determination of definite prices are different. Each party attaches a higher value to the good he receives than to that he gives away. The exchange ratio, the price, is not the product of equality of valuation, but on the contrary, the product of a discrepancy in valuation.”

However, i found an article which talked about who a star is or what makes somebody a star. Though it is also somebody’s opinion but i find it convenient to share because it touches on some few points i personally subscribe to and also does not feed into the Ghana VRS Nigerian beef or chicken going on now.

Check it out :

Now I’m not speaking about, in my opinion, stars like Prince or The Beatles. By that I mean artists that write and create their own work and who leave an indelible connection, not only on society, but on their listeners as well. Those are the people whose star power is a combination of luck and talent. BUT their longevity is to me, proof of what makes them artists. Now I understand artists like Elvis and Aretha Franklin had songs written for them by others but I feel that those people brought something to the table in terms of their voice, something that couldn’t be pre-written, I don’t think anybody back then could have created Elvis’ hoarse yelp or Aretha’s genuine soul. I was recently reading this in-depth article from the New Yorker on Max Martin, the writer of more than 58 top ten songs and it discussed not only him and how he came to be involved in the music industry, but other songwriters as well. One in particular stood out to me, her name was Ester Dean. Dean has, in short written all the things that make Rihanna, well, Rihanna. I don’t mean the songs them selves, but the lyrics. The raunchy “Na, Na, Na, Na COME ON!” of S&M or the “Come on rude, rude boy. Can you get it up?” Now it they may seem trite and silly in text, but when one listens to them they compromise a huge part Rihanna’s signature sexiness. That’s something I never fully grasped. I understand that Rihanna always had people write for her but this is a shock to me that not even the attitudes she brings to the song are her own, they’re created in studio by somebody else. Later on in the article it speaks about how Ester Dean wants to make an album of her own but some think she lacks the star power to do so. Now the article was written in 2012 and she still hasn’t had a breakthrough yet so it begs the question, What makes a star? To me it’s two things, marketing and luck. The Rihanna’s and Katy Perry’s of the world are a dime a dozen and I’m almost positive and Ester Dean could have ended up as famous if circumstances had been just a little different. All she would have needed was a good PR agent and a lot more luck. She’s already got the talent. What do you guys think?

One man’s star another man’s up and coming…Ask Around

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