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21 Signs That Love Is Making You Stupid

  1. When you are being abused and you are making excuses and giving justifications for it without seeking out solutions for it.


  1. When you make sex and money weapons of control, just so that you can have your way.


  1. When you accept to be treated less than what you are worth because you are afraid of losing him or her.


  1. When you realize that the best moments they give you is when they want something from you, but you are still willing to believe they care about you.


  1. When you call everyone you know to beg someone who’s been hurting you and now wants to walk out on you to stay.


  1. When you feel people will change because they love you.


  1. When he’s sleeping with you with a condom, but keeps telling you he wants you to get pregnant before he marries you, and you believe him.


  1. When you spend all your salary on her and her family, forgetting you are from a poor home with needs.


  1. When you treat a man who hasn’t married you like a king and treat the family that raised you like strangers.


  1. When you play wife to a man who is not your husband, or play husband to a woman who is not your wife.


  1. When you move into a man’s house without deference to your father’s house.


  1. When you hold on to something that is not headed anywhere.


  1. When you get into a relationship through deceit and are still willing to live with it.


  1. When you feel that money, gifts, servitude and sex can keep a relationship where one party has moved on.


  1. When you are too blind to see that the person you are vouching for is not worth it, even with all evidence staring you in the face.


  1. When you are willing to buy all the items and accessories he is coming to marry you with, including the clothes he and his parents will wear…


  1. When you are the only one contributing to a joint account and he or she is the only one withdrawing from it.


  1. When you accept anal sex because you don’t want him to live out his threat that he will find a woman that is willing to give it to him. I hope you survive the surgery…


  1. When he or she is not married to you, but asks for a picture or video of your butt naked self and you oblige.


  1. When you see how poorly he or she treats people of the opposite sex and still believe that you will be treated any better.


  1. When you are willing to fight and embarrass yourself (even in the streets) over someone who has chosen not to be with you any more.


BONUS – When you have thoughts of suicide because he or she walked out on you. NO ONE IS WORTH YOUR LIFE AND NO PAIN IS WORTH YOUR SOUL

The marriage clinic with Ogochuku Nweke

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